Prior to the incorporation of CKA/CASK in 2004, it has been in existence forms since the early 1990's. The earlier versions were national affiliates of various international sanctioning bodies. Over the course of a decade - the international affiliations changed - however the network of domestic clubs and athletes involved continued to grow and expand.

After discussions with many stakeholders within the domestic sector it was deemed a priority to establish an independent organization that focused on domestic priorities in sport kickboxing. CKA/CASK formed through these consultations, as well as through discussions with other national bodies that have forged strong domestic programming.

Resources, both human and material, were provided to support legitimate groups trying to establish or strengthen amateur provincial/territorial bodies. CKA/CASK always worked through a collaborative and cooperative approach with groups. Eventually the development of policies, protocols and materials were made available to strengthen the national collective of amateur sport kickboxing.

Through the development of an athlete database consisting of athlete passports, medical records, and bout records, CKA/CASK was able to provide clubs and provincial/territorial groups accurate information on athletes and match-making.

With the explosion of fitness kickboxing - both martial arts clubs and heath clubs were running recreational kickboxing programs. The leadership of CKA/CASK decided that support was also needed required in this growing segment of the kickboxing industry. Curriculums, training programs, grading systems, and instructor certification programs were piloted across Canada over many years. These pilots have since been published into resources and are now being successfully used in martial arts schools, health clubs, and kickboxing gyms from coast to coast.

The growth of CKA/CASK is emerging, and the organization welcomes input and suggestions from all persons within the sport kickboxing/martial arts industry as well as others. CKA/CASK grew from an initial network of clubs and schools with diverse ideas on the sport. However this network continued to expand and develop due to the importance placed on working through collaboration and the common vision to raise the quality and standard of kickboxing in Canada.