Club Membership Registration Form

Individual Member Registration Form

  • For a club owner to give an individual who wants to join or renew with CASK.
  • The club owner must sign the form and mail it to us on behalf of the individual.
  • Used for all members: recreational athletes, competitive athletes, coaches, owners and instructors.
  • We need the original of the form no faxes or emails with payment.
  • Individual Member Registration Form

Athlete (Annual) Medical Form

  • For club owner to give an athlete who wants to compete.
  • Athlete must receive a medical from a physician.
  • The club owner must sign the form and mail it to us on behalf of the individual.
  • We need the original of the form no faxes or emails with payment.
  • Medical must be received within 3 months of it being completed.
  • Athlete (annual) Medical Form


  • Club Manual
  • Club Manual- Attachments
  • Policy Manual
  • All Disciplines - Rules and Regulations
  • Prestige League Rules
  • Prestige League Event Coordinator Application
  • Prestige League Athlete Application


    Kickboxing Clubs and Martial Arts Schools that are members of CASK/CKA are eligable for a comprehensive insurance policy for the school, recreational members, instructors and competitive athletes. This policy is a first of its kind for kickboxing in Canada and represents a breakthrough for the industry and CKA/CASK members.

    CKA/CASK provides clubs with numerous strategies for support, training, and accreditation. The CKA/CASK Center of Excellence strategy features a Risk Management program designed to support clubs/gyms improve their quality of service while ensuring that their program is compliant with important health, safety and legal requirements. The program provides solutions on who to identify and address issues that put the club, instructors, students, and owner at risk. By proactively addressing potential and current risks, the club provides a safer environment for students and athletes. This information is essential for any quality program, and also serves as a valuable asset for promotions and sales.

    Clubs also receive a student certification program – KICKSTART – Kickboxing Skills Development Program© that provides a graduated skills development program similar to the grading system of the martial arts. The program can be used as is – or used to supplement programs being used by individual clubs.

    Member clubs receive an annual Membership Certificate that can be displayed for promotional and accreditation. Clubs also receive promotional materials, regular information updates of competitions, training camps, certification courses, and local and international team opportunities.

    In-house seminars are also available for member clubs. Seminar instructors include both champion athletes and internationally renowned coaches. The CKA-CASK National Office will make bookings on behalf of member clubs and also provide promotional posters to support the event. Seminars can also be conducted as profit sharing events to support club fundraisers or as revenue generating projects.

    Clubs wishing to become members of CKA/CASK can download the forms from the website and either mail in their registration or complete it on the web site.

    Frequently Asked Questions for New Clubs

    FAQs for New Clubs - For Club Owners
    General questions that are asked by club owners.

    FAQs for New Clubs - How to Become a CASK Coach
    A breakdown of all the requirements needed to become an official CASK coach.

    FAQs for New Clubs - My Club Wants to Compete
    A step by step guideline of what is required if your club (athletes) want to compete.

    FAQs for New Clubs - Next Steps for New Clubs
    I've registered my club with CASK, now what? General 'Next Steps' to take.

    Competitive Athlete

    The competitive athlete is the primary focus of CKA/CASK. The aim is to provide safe and healthy opportunities for the skills development of all athletes in both full contact and light contact rules (continuous sparring). To become a registered athlete complete the CKA-CASK Athlete Registration form. Full contact athletes must also complete an annual physical that will attest their ability to compete in amateur kickboxing competitions.

    Athletes must renew their applications every year. The athlete will receive a membership certificate and an Athletes License. The License will keep track of their bouts, training courses, and all accreditations.

    There are many opportunities to compete with CKA/CASK. Beginner athletes have the opportunity to compete with athletes with similar abilities, while more advance athletes have the potential to compete in national and international events and try out for National teams that represent Canada in continental or world events.

    All Competitive and Non-competitive participants can become a member of CKA/CASK through a registered member club.