Center of Excellence Program

CKA/CASK provides clubs with numerous strategies for support and accreditation so that the club becomes a Center of Excellence for amateur/recreational kickboxing. Clubs receive a Risk Management Program©, which is a detailed step-by-step analysis of the operations of the club. The program provides solutions on who to identify and address issues that put the club, instructors, students, and owner at risk. By proactively addressing potential and current risks, the club provides a safer environment for students and athletes. This information is essential for any quality program, and also serves as a valuable asset for promotions and sales.

Recreational Program

Member clubs also receive a student certification program KICKSTART – Kickboxing Skills Development Program© that provides a graduated skills development program similar to the grading system of the martial arts. The program can be used as is – or used to supplement programs being used by individual clubs.

CKA/CASK recognizes that growth of the sport of amateur kickboxing is related directly to the exposure and involvement of the general public. The KICKSTART–KSDP© was developed for recreational participants/students to receive accreditation as they progress through their kickboxing training. KICKSTART-KSDP© is a program that is offered by CKA/CASK affiliated clubs – with the objective of providing a graduated curriculum in kickboxing similar to the belt levels of the martial arts.

KICKSTART-KSDP© provides students with a manual that lays out a clear curriculum with all skill areas for each level of the program. Certificates are presented upon completion of each level. KICKSTART-KSDP© provides club owners with a comprehensive program that incorporates both the curriculum and a grading system.

The objective of KICKSTART-KSDP© is to enhance programs being delivered by providing further teaching strategies, curriculum content and an accreditation system.


In-house seminars are also available for member clubs. Seminar instructors include both champion athletes and internationally renowned coaches. The CKA-CASK National Office will make bookings on behalf of member clubs and also provide promotional posters to support the event. Seminars can also be conducted as profit sharing events to support club fundraisers or as revenue generating projects.

Training Camps

CKA/CASK regularly hosts training camps for competitive athletes and recreational participants. Camps are held throughout the year in central locations, and periodically at CKA/CASK affiliated clubs. In addition, specialize training sessions are organized that correspond to national and international competitions. Refer to the annual calendar for dates and locations of these special training events.

Tournament Resources

CKA/CASK provides support and sanctioning to individuals and groups wishing to run light-contact (continuous sparring) events or divisions at existing tournaments. A Tournament Resource Package is available that includes all items required for running a CKA/CASK certified event including a set of official rules; divisions; drawing/scoring/placing sheets; and certificates for all participants. In addition, CKA/CASK will promote the event through its network of national clubs and schools.

Event Promotions

The rule divisions offered by CASK/CKA are full contact (above the waist kickboxing), low kick kickboxing (allowing kicks to the upper leg only) and Thaiboxing (modified rules). Each PSO that is affiliated with CASK will have different requirements for the divisions offered by the NSO - so please also check with the PSO as to the divisions they offer.

CKA/CASK provides support and sanctioning to groups wishing to host amateur kickboxing events. This support is in the form of officials, training, certification and resources to ensure a safe and organized event. All promoters are subject to provincial regulations, and CKA/CASK will support the fulfillment of these. In addition CKA/CASK will assist in matchmaking through its network of national clubs and its database of certified athletes.