Amateur Mixed Martial Arts (AMMA)

In 2011 the Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing took the responsibility for integrating amateur Mixed Martial Arts into its collective of sport combative disciplines.  Given the diversity of amateur MMA rules in various jurisdictions, CASK made the decision to formulate its own set of rules and regulations based on a review of successful programs and expertise solicited in the various components of the combative discipline.   

CASK has a National Committee comprised of member clubs with expertise in Mixed Martial Arts and an interest in the growth and development of this sport discipline.  CASK is a membership based association and all programs and services are developed by its members. 

CASK and the AMMA National Committee work directly with governments departments, universities, and various agencies and institutions to ensure that the rules and regulations meet the highest safety standards for combative sports.  Fundamental to this goal is the establishment and promotion of standardized rules and regulations, dedicated to ensuring consistency amongst all stakeholders.

Definition of AMMA
An amateur sport in which one player seeks to gain a tactical advantage by using  positioning, submissions and submission attempts, and striking to legal target areas to outpoint the opposing player.

Athlete/Coach Requirements
All athletes and coaches are required to be members of a CASK registered club that have completed all registration requirements for the calendar year.

All coaches must also register annually and are required to complete a Level I Coaching Course (one time course); a vulnerability sector police screen (every three years); and a first aid course (every three years). 

All athletes must be registered with CASK prior to competing. Registration is done annually and requires the completion of a CASK medical exam conducted by a physician.

Athletes are matched in competition through CASK regulations for age, weight, and combat sport experience.

Only fully registered athletes are permitted to compete in CASK sanctioned events.  There are a number of administration requirements including timelines for registration and medicals that must be followed. For more information on membership please contact the CASK office.

AMMA Disciplines
There are two sport disciplines of AMMA. Please see the chart below for the basic information of each.


Tatami (Light Contact –Low Kick)

Ring Sport (K1 Rules)

Competition Area

Tatami Floor (matted surface area)

Regulation Kickboxing Ring


Rash Guard & Shorts (Male/Female)

Shorts (Male), Rash Guard & Shorts (Female)


Head Gear – AMMA Gloves – AMMA Shin/Instep Guards – Mouth Guard – Athletic Support

AMMA Gloves – AMMA Shin/Instep Guards – Mouth Guard – Athletic Support

Striking Rules - Standing

Light Contact Low Kick Rules

Ring Sport K1 Rules

Striking Rules - Ground

No Striking permitted

Striking to legs and body only

Take Downs

AMMA rules

AMMA rules


AMMA rules

AMMA rules


AMMA rules

AMMA rules

Full Submission

Round won by athlete that submits

Bout won by athlete that submits

Full AMMA Rules and Regulations

The following two documents are required reading for all individuals wishing information on the rules, regulations for amateur mixed martial arts within CASK.

(Executive Summary)
(Full Rules and Regulations)

Please note – the following documents are periodically revised based on the work on the National AMMA Committee.  Please contact the CASK office or a CASK Member club for the latest version of the rules and regulations.