The following forms are listed alphabetically. Please click on the name of the form and print off the attachment for your use.
Athlete Upgrade Form
To change athlete classification or experience

Bout List - Blank
To help with match making

Club Registration Form
To register a new club with CASK or to renew your clubs registration with CASK.

Coaches/Instructors Code of Conduct
CASK Code of Conduct that Coaches/Instructors must abide by and follow.

Demonstration Events - Policy
A summary of the requirements for hosting demonstration events at your CASK Club.

Event Coordinator Instructions and Checklist
Instructions and tips for the Event Coordinator as well as an event checklist.

Event Sanctioning Application
To request to host an event at your club. ** This form must be completed and submitted to CASK office three months prior to event. **

FAQs for New Clubs - For Club Owners
General questions that are asked by club owners.

FAQs for New Clubs - How to Become a CASK Coach
A breakdown of all the requirements needed to become an official CASK coach.

FAQs for New Clubs - My Club Wants to Compete
A step by step guideline of what is required if your club (athletes) want to compete.

FAQs for New Clubs - Next Steps for New Clubs
I've registered my club with CASK, now what? General 'Next Steps' to take.

Individual Member Registration Form
To register as an owner, coach or athlete with CASK. Fees may vary by club.

Medical (Annual)
Required for an athlete to compete.

Passport Replacement Form
To replace a lost passport.

Police Check - Vulnerable Sector Screening
To obtain a Vulnerable Sector Screening when requesting a Police Check.
** Please note that Toronto Police Services requires a special form from CASK. If you are looking to obtain a Police Check from Toronto Police Services, please contact CASK via email, specifying which club you are with, and we will mail out the proper form to your club.**