The Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing / Comité de Kickboxing Amateur (CASK/CKA) will be the national leader in promoting excellence in the sport of amateur kickboxing through events, courses, services, and certification of athletes, coaches, and officials.


Center of Excellence

CKA/CASK is dedicated to the highest level of excellence in the planning, implementation and review of each of its programs and operations. The effort is to build upon any successes and always look for areas of improvement and systems growth.

Focus on Safety and Health

CKA/CASK has established the highest safety standards to ensure the well being of all athletes, coaches and recreational participants involved in amateur kickboxing.

Industry Leader

CKA/CASK strives to be a leader within the sport martial arts/kickboxing sector. This goal will be realized through the core objective of meeting the needs of all stakeholders within the industry including school/gym owners, event promoters, sanctioning bodies, all levels of athletes, to the general public.

Fostering Cooperation

CKA/CASK will work openly with all individuals and groups committed to the cooperative growth of amateur kickboxing. A fundamental principle of CASK/CKA is to foster a cooperative framework within the sector.

Demonstrating Ethics and Values

CKA/CASK is committed to upholding the highest ethical principles in all of its operations and events. All CKA/CASK leaders will demonstrate appropriate conduct, positive attitudes, and will always work to create an environment that is safe, healthy and harassment free.

Worldwide Presence

CKA/CASK will be internationally known for its domestic operations and development of national amateur teams. CKA/CASK will network and affiliate itself with sanctioning bodies, national organizations, and event promoters committed to the principles and values of the organization.