A major breakthrough in the work of CKA/CASK was acquiring an insurance policy for kickboxing in Canada. With the assistance of various leaders in the industry CKA/CASK worked out a comprehensive insurance package with one of the world's leading insurance brokers - Aon Reed Stenhouse. The insurance broker has a renowned reputation for working within the sporting world to provide policies catered to each specific sport.

CKA/CASK is now able to offer to member clubs comprehensive insurance coverage for both liability and accident/injury. With both liability and injury coverage - the club owner/operator is protected as well as the individual member.

The CKA/CASK insurance policy covers all registered members belonging to a member club. Insurance coverage is provided to both competitive athletes and non-competitive participants. Competitive athletes are amateur full contact athletes as well as light contact kickboxing (sport karate) competitors.

With all students/athletes eligible for coverage - your school or club will now have a tremendous value-added feature for the protection your students.

Clubs and schools wishing to acquire the insurance policy must become members of CKA/CASK. Membership also includes the many programs and services of CKA/CASK for instructors, coaches, competitive athletes and recreational participants. (See Programs and Services page).

Membership to CKA/CASK involves fulfilling organizational requirements. These requirements involve areas designed to enhance your school/club's structure, safety and security for all participants, and student curriculums. All member clubs receive an easy-to-follow Club Membership Guideline manual that includes a RISK MANAGEMENT checklist to review the clubs operations and fulfill the requirements of the CKA/CASK organization as well as the insurance policy.

Members clubs receive CERTIFICATES OF EXCELLENCE that can be displayed to both current students/athletes and potential new ones.

To sign up your club/school fill in the Membership Application and submit electronically. You will be sent further information upon receipt of your application.