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October 1st 2005

Niagara Falls was again treated to a night of exciting amateur kickboxing action. Members of the Canadian National team, plus up-and-coming athletes laced up the gloves for a night of championships bouts.

In the main event amateur bout, Yury Evsyunin (TAZ) from Toronto (via Russia) faced Chris Greig (TKO) in a low kick 5 round bout. These two fine athletes had met on a previous occasion when Greig - from the TKO camp - edged out Evysunin in a strategic and and classy display of kickboxing. Evyunin is a ring warlord, and kept his eye on Greig for two years as he pounded out victory after victory in boxing, kickboxing and full contact bouts. Greig moved his interest into Mui Thai, where he has had most of his bouts since their first encounter.

On this second meeting - both athletes were confident and egar to establish who is the best welterweight in Canada. The earlier rounds belonged to Evsyunin who hunted Greig relentlessly with primarily boxing attacks. Greig stayed composed and frequently attacked the legs of Evsyunin. In the early stages it looked like Greig would not be able to withstand the Russian onslaught. However Greig has competed overseas before and faced the top athletes in the world winning a covated bronze medal at the World WPKA Championships in 2003.

After the first two rounds the tide of the bout began to change as Greig stayed with his plan to attack the legs of Evsyunin and avoid his power punches. The middle rounds of this bout started to sway to Greig. In the last round Evsyunin got a second wind and increased his attack on Greig, but he had now gained confidence in the bout. Once again the judges were forced to call another close bout between these two fine athletes. The judges gave 5 round decision to Evsyunin via a majority vote - setting up a third rubber match between these welterweights.

In the other two semi-main event amateur bouts. Intercontinental, North American, and Canadian kickboxing champion - Nick Petroff (TAZ) faced New Jersey's John Dugliese. The rough and tumble athlete tried to establish an offence again the classy Petroff - however his best attempt was to bully Petroff. The tactic did not work on who many consider the most tactical athlete in Canada as Petroff kept Dugliese at bay with his jab and lead leg kicking. Petroff has had a great year winning the Canadian title in May and the North American title in August. This bout was a excellent warmup for his shot at the WKA World Championships coming up in November 2005.

In other semi-main event action a 4 rnd bout featured the `Canadian Fighting Sensation' - Kay 'JL'Lawerance (TAZ) who had little opposition from Adrianna Iglessia from New Jersey. The Canadian has dominated the female junior and women's kickboxing ring for the past two years winning North American and Intercontinental titles two times each! The four belts have not slowed down this 16 year old as she finally faced an opponent within the same age and weight bracket as herself - for perhaps the first time in a few years. The even stats did not help Iglessia as she absorbed Lawernance's onslaught for one round before retiring in the corner before the beginning of round two.

The other 9 amateur bouts of the evening were also full of excitment and some upsets as well. The People's Choice Athlete of the Night was awarded to junior - Ross 'Wonderchild' Mylet (TAZ/KICKJITSU) as he almost KO'd his opponent -Sandy 'Big Hair' Pembroke -who weighed in at 220lbs whereas Mylet tipped the scale at 132lbs! The exhibition bout was stagged so that the crowd could see their junior star in action after his opponent was a no show. The newly crowned North American Champion - Mylet - did not disappoint the crowd as he showboated with some exceptional spinning kicks and boxing skills on route to almost KO'ing the game (but gamey) Pemboke. (Thanks Sandy for your gracious sparring with Ross!)

In other amateur action - there were some exciting upsets on the Fury II card. In a battle of up-and-coming juniors, Josh DaSilva (AGC) outpointed veteran junior John Nash (TAZ) in what ended up being a kicking battle. Nash coming off a North American Championships and Eastern Canadian Championship allowed the quick DaSilva to stay with his game plan. Both athletes displayed excellent timing and speed - and both show the talent that is slowly creeping into the adult division from the juniors.

Another junior - Megan Kelly (Blais) from Sudbury - also moved into the adult division and outpointed Alex Nikolic (TAZ) in a back-and-forth bout. Nikolic displayed her exceptional kicking skills, but was only able to do so in flashes, while Kelly stayed focused on counter attacks and forward movement. The bout was exciting to watch as both athletes worked hard to etch out a win. Tonight's bout was awarded to Kelly who was more consistent throughout the bout.

In the heavyweight division Sandy Pembroke (TAZ/Nomad) returned to Canada from Australia (studies) to face Tate Deschamps (Phaze 1) from Petawawa. Both heavweights are on the Canadian National team and will compete at the World Championships in November. While they are teamates outside of the ring - inside they were working hard to improve each other. Pembroke kept up consistent pressure throughout the bout. Deschamps landed some effective left hooks - however his low guard cost him valuable points. The bout almost went the distance, but then a surge by Pembroke in round 3 earned him a TKO victory. Both athletes smiled and embraced each other after the bout - with plans to meet in the finals at the WKA Worlds!

In other exciting bouts - Aaron Cope (Nomad) had an excellent bout with Bart Molenda (TAZ). The first round had Molenda taking an upperhand - but Cope kept up his composure and good basics. The bout was a close one, but Cope landed more consistently and had a good balance of kicks and punches earning a well deserved victory.

The following are the results of the remainder of the bouts -

Travis Macvicars (AGC) def Ryan Macalister (Impact Zone)

Laura Snell (WCK) def Marie Helene Pichette (Nomad)

Jeff Fisher (Impact Zone) draws with Bradley Macvicar (AGC)

Mellisa Misiuda (TKO) TKO's Josie Novielli

Overall the show ran very smoothly and mainly due to the work of event coordinator Sarah Newman. Many volunteers assisted throughout the night and provided Sarah with emense support and assistance. Special thanks goes out to: Alex Mylet, Donna Nash, Debbie Lachapelle, Elaine Fowler, Ashley Howard, Brian Douglas, Dough Hannum, Andre Nunes, Carol Onate, and Stephen Nash.

The officials for the night were Steve Macvicar, Steve Quan, Ben Maguire, Amanda Woerhle, and Stephen Nash. The medical support was graciously provided by Gus Kandalsis and Beth Stanistreet. Coaching for all athletes on the National team was provided by Brad Fowler and Amer Mustafa. Finally the sponsorship of SOHO Hotel, Century Installations, Merwin Family and Mylet Industries assisted to make the event a reality.

SnapShot Pictures were on hand to take digital photographs of all athletes and all bouts. If you would like to order prints contact Carole Ontate (416-899-4126). The video of the event will be ready by the end of October. Please contact the CASK Office if you wish to pre-order the videos.