Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Our top Canadian athletes have been traveling abroad representing Canada at international championships for many years. There work has resulted in Canada's growing reputation as a force in international kickboxing. One of the challenges faced by our athletes happens before they even enter the competitive ring - the expense of international travel. The higher costs of flights and accommodations are two of the expenses athletes have to contend with on top of gym fees, coaching fees, the cost of equipment, nutritional supplements and other requirements of elite level athletes.

CASK has been working to secure long term corporate partners to support our Canadian National team. This effort has paid off with two businesses that have now been working with our National Team for the past few years.

IMPACT DENTAL LABORATORY of Ottawa has been a financial sponsor for the past five years. The owner Fred Lorenz has become an avid fan of amateur kickboxing himself through his involvement attending the popular ICEMAN Galas in Hull regularily. IMPACT DENTAL's support has gone beyond just sponsorship into the development of a sport specific mouthguard for amateur kickboxing - the Impact Absorber. This tremendous product is used by many members of Canada's national team and also endorsed by coaches and professional athletes alike.

The CASK President, Muzammal Nawaz speaks highly of the relationship with IMPACT DENTAL, 'Our relationship with IMPACT DENTAL is ideal. The IMPACT ABSORBER product (protective mouthguard) was designed specifically with the recreational and competitive participants in mind which makes our involvement with the company a perfect fit for our association. Any company committed to health and safety is one that is an ideal partner for CASK. Working with Fred and the entire team at IMPACT has been very fulfilling and enjoyable for myself personally. Our endorsement of the company and their product is important to CASK - however to IMPACT - their sponsorship is essentially out of their interest and committment to amateur sport and the athletes who represent Canada.'

TOPTEN CANADA has been involved in amateur kickboxing and boxing for many years. They officially became a sponsoring partner with CASK only two years ago. During this short time they have began supporting provincial associations in Quebec, PEI, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Ontario in addition to their support to the National Association. The President of TOPTEN CANADA, Rich Lortie is no stranger to kickboxing as he was a sucessful professional athlete in the 1980's. After retiring from competition, Rich remained active in the sport by helping to coach athletes and support the sport in the national capital region. In the past few years, Rich can been seen at amateur boxing and kickboxing events across Canada and the USA promoting TOPTEN Canada as well as supporting events through his donation of equipment. TOPTEN is recognized as the premiere safety equipment in combat sports world wide. It is used and endorsed by numerous national and international associations due to the research used to engineer the equipment focusing on the safety of the athlete.

'TOPTEN is a perfect fit with IMPACT DENTAL as the two national sponsors of our sport. Both companies focus on safety and produce world class products specific to our sport. It is also wonderful to have Rich Lortie heading up TOPTEN Canada as he is an outstanding spokesperson for our sport. He was an accomplished kickboxer so he understands the needs, challenges and reality of the sport in Canada. The support he has provided to our provincial affiliates has helped events become safer and more professional. We are fortunate to have a person with the interest of the sport at heart as part of our association,' says Muzammal Nawaz.

Both companies continue to support amateur kickboxing and hopefully will continue their role in the future. They have also become examples for corporate sponsorship for other amateur sports as well. CASK continues to develop with the support of IMPACT DENTAL and TOPTEN CANADA and ensures that the support goes directly to the primary beneficiary - the athlete.


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