Wednesday, December 14, 2023

In a short period of time Gus Kandilas has become a central component of the Canadian National Kickboxing team and the CASK organization. He was introduced to the amateur kickboxing scene through one of his patients - Muzammal Nawaz - many years ago. Not known to many, however, Gus is no stranger to kickboxing. He trained in kickboxing as a student in Hamilton, during the era of top Canadian professionals Rick Joslin and Murry Sutherland. While kickboxing was of great interest, Gus Kandilas's passion was for basketball which he played at the collegiate level for many years.

Gus's background in sports medicine is diverse. A certified athletic therapist with many years of experience, Gus opened up his first clinic in Oakville. While running the clinic he finished off his doctorate in Osteopathy. If that was not enough to keep him busy - he was also teaching at York University in the department of athletic therapy. After he realized that his work load was becoming heavy, Gus Kandilas did what many sucessful people do - he opened up another clinic - this one in Burlington! While he specializes in working with athletes, Dr. Kandilas sees all kinds of patients at his two clinics. His background as an Osteopath and Athletic Therapist, allows him to throughly assess both symptomatic conditions and underlying issues not easily diagnosised.

Gus became re-involved with kickboxing by taking on various patients on the national team. He enjoyed working with these athletes and seeing the results of his work improve their performances at various competitions. To support the grassroots work of CASK, Gus Kandilas volunteered to develop a Sports Injury Management training program that became a central component of the CASK Level I Coaching Course. The component has been greatly appreciated by all participants in the coaching program. If this was not enough support to our organization, Gus also developed a Medical Responce Program for accuate care and support during kickboxing events. His team has worked at various events in Canada and the USA. The pinacle accomplishment of this program was the design and implementation of the Medical team for the 2005 World Championships.

The deployment of the team was seen as a tremendous accomplishment by the international body (WKA) and all countries that participanted. However the background work was as detailed and involved as the work at the event.

Gus Kandilias has experience in sporting events beyound kickboxing, as his involvement with CASM (Canadian Association of Sports Medicine) has taken him to various sporting events, including his key role on the Canadian Medical team during the World University Games in Turkey in 2005.

CASK is greatful to have a stong leader within our organization that brings an essential expertise that is propelling the organization to the forfront of international kickboxing organizations. Gus Kandilias was awarded the 2005 Builder of the Year during the annual Awards banquet. While the recognition was meaningful, in the words of Gus Kandilas, ' ... you know you are doing a good job in sports medical work, when no one sees you or knows what you are doing ...'

While he works silently behind the scenes, the athletes, coaches and leaders in CASK know of his excellence and are grateful for his generous contributions and involvement.


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