Thursday, September 01, 2023

People know Brad Fowler in many different ways - personal trainer; elite fitness consultant; martial arts instructor; world amateur champion; professional athlete; and now as the owner/head instructor of ROUND ONE - KICKBOXING CLUB in London, Ontario.

At CKA/CASK we know Mr. Fowler as one of the Chief Coaches of the National Amateur team. In the past two years, he has volunteered his time and skills to coach amateur athletes across North America at various galas and tournaments. The amazing thing about Mr. Fowler's work is that he is able to assist athletes from many different clubs with different competitive styles. All athletes that have worked with him have loved his calm, analytical coaching coupled with his ability to motivate athletes to achieve excellence.

Like all of the volunteers in CKA/CASK, Mr. Fowler has offered his services time and time again and has agreed to assist all levels of athletes - from juniors to adults, from international caliber to the beginner competitor. It is through this kind of commitment and love of the sport that has propelled many of Canada's top athletes to seek out his expertise and training. In the words of another CKA/CASK national coach Amer Mustafa, '... Brad is so passionate about the sport, when he is coaching sometimes you think he is about to jump in the ring himself!'

At the 2005 National team trials - Mr. Fowler was not so popular as he lead the new recruits through a challenging sport-specific conditioning session. Apparently athletes were unable to move normally for several days after the intense weekend in Lindsay! What some participants noticed however was that Mr. Fowler participated in each of the sub-group's drills! That meant he actually did the conditioning sessions three times each!

This is not surprising to some that know the athlete side of - Brad Fowler.

Brad Fowler is well aware of the competitive challenges of amateur athletes having competed in many international amateur events before turning professional. He faced the best in the kickboxing world - from Europe to Africa. Amongst his credits is a World Amateur Championships (USA) and an Intercontinental Championships (South Africa). His professional career has been equally sucessfull with a stellar record of over 15 professional bouts and both a Canadian Professional title, and a North American Professional title.

Brad Fowler the athlete is renowned for his conditioning and methodical approach to his training. Inside the ring he is the tactical master using angles and an remarkable control of distance. He has always impressed audiences across North America and earned the respect of each of his opponents.

Brad Fowler's reputation got wind of a well respected promoter in the USA - Joe Puleo of New York a few weeks back. He was looking for a top contender to fight for the WKA World Professional title against North American Champion, Chris Algeri from Long Island. The WKA title has just been vaccated by long time champion - Imed Matuddi of France. Brad Fowler jumped at the chance for an opportunity that he has been looking forward to for years, and as he said, since he first decided to try kickboxing.

The World Title bout is scheduled for November 18 in Long Island, New York. Brad Fowler is training in high gear for his chance at the title. Despite his grueling training schedule, and running his new kickboxing gym in London - ROUND ONE. He is still acting as Coach at the World Amateur Championships being held in November in Niagara Falls. Mr. Fowler had agreed to this role, many months ago - and even though this opportunity surfaced only a few weeks ago - he felt a responsibility to support the national team. The amateur championships is just one week prior to his professional bout! This kind of dedication is what has propelled individuals like Brad Fowler to leadership positions within the CKA/CASK organization, and also into the hearts of the many people that he influences.

Best Wishes Brad - and we commend you for your ongoing efforts to support CKA/CASK and our amateur athletes across the country!



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